If you want to know the quality and price of an exercise bike, you can ask the manufacturer to send you several exercise bikes with different configurations at different price points, then assemble the upright bikes and compare them one by one.

When we assemble, we can observe the following aspects:

  1. bike completely size:

A mechanic bike size is usually length 64cm, Wide 41cm and height 101cm

There is also a larger size in the Polish market, with a length 77cm and width of 41cm and a height of 119cm. This larger indoor exercise bike was originally custom-made by our customer- hop sport company, and other companies have cited such dimensions recently.

  1. Bike monitor display part

There are more than twenty kinds of monitor used for exercise bikes. The following photos is a list of commonly used fitness equipment displays.

However, due to the low price of mechanical stationary bikes, factories generally choose the cheapest three. The model number is JP006,JP032.TP026,JP009. The cost price of Tp006 is generally 1.2 US dollars,TP032 is 2.5USD  and the cost price of TP026 is generally 1.6 US dollars.

Their price is mainly due to the different shape, mold and manual assembly costs are not much different.

  1. Whether the height of the handle barcan be adjusted.

The height-adjustable exercise bike’s handle bar position adds an adjustable part, as shown below. The user first loosens the knob, adjusts the bar to the appropriate height, and then tightens the knob. The cost here is around $0.50.

exercise bike adjust handbar screw                                   exercise bike adjust handbar

  1. Is the upper tube a bend or a straight tube?

It is recommended that the user choose the design of the elbow. The design of the elbow makes the user’s leg farther away from the upper leg and is more comfortable to use.

bend exercise bike tube straight upright bike tube

  1. Resistance knob

The three types of knobs shown below are used for mechanical exercise bikes, magnetic bikes and spinning bikes. The prices are also cheaper – medium – expensive.Belt bike is the cheapest one.

  1. Cover design and deep processing

The following are four common stationary exercise bikes. The cost of the first three bicycle is amost same. The last cover was injection molded, it was painted. The cost of painting is about $0.30 per unit.

exercycle crossfit bikestationary bike

  1. Internal structure

The internal structure refers to the part covered by the outer cover, which affects the performance of the exercise bike – the riding resistance has only one plastic structure before 2013. Since it always makes bike working not smooth, we invented a bearing structure in 2015. This kind of riding is much smoother, of course, the cost increases about $1.

Some customers who want to win the market at low prices do not want to buy bearing resistance. They strongly urge us to develop the plastic resistance. After four years, we finally found that the plastic resistance is not smooth because of the distance of the gasket. After repeated adjustment of the gasket distance and finally a new round of innovation.

At present, both of ours plastic resistance and bearing resistance performance are very good, you can choose anyone to buy. Just I suggest you buy plastic resistance. Is the product of good quality and low price more popular?

In addition, as far as we know, there are more than 20 factories in China that producing mechanical exercise bikes, and many companies have failed to improve their plastic resistance performance. If you want to choose plastic resistance please ask if they are produced by Medeky fitness factory.

  1. Pedal

The pedals of the exercise bike have dozens of pedal shapes that affect their price. Right  pedals is used for  stationary bike,which are roughly $1.50. The pictures are as follows. :

  1. Steel tubethickness

Fitness equipment importers and distributors use vernier calipers to measure the thickness of steel pipes. 1.2 mm is the standard thickness. Some factories cut corners using 1.mm. The diameter of the seat steel pipe is 3.8 cm. The quality of the seat tube determines the maximum weight of the user. Most of the other bike tube are 5 cm steel pipes.

If it’s a retailer and a home buyer, can’t you buy a vernier caliper for a bike? Yes, this is not worth it. The gross weight (plus carton packaging) of a ribbon exercise bike is less than 10-11kg. At 10 kilograms is a poor quality car.

  1. Exercise bike seat cushion part

As following picture, there are three type seat cushion.Their price is much different.First one is used for mechanic cycle, its price is about 1US dollar. Other is more expensive.

exercise bike saddle cheapest replacement comfortable bike saddle

11. Screw and other installation tools

The tools used on the exercise bike are as shown below. These screws are enough to support a home exercise bike. More thicker, more better.

magnetic bike screw list

12. Outer box packaging

I think the outer box packaging can meet the mail order standard, and it is enough to protect the product from damage during transportation.

Fully sealed 5 layers of 180-200g brown carton.

If you are willing to accept a higher price, you can consider forming a styrofoam package. The two package pictures are as follows:

mechanic bike mail packing

Through the above aspects, you can understand all the parts that affect the price of the exercise bike. If you want to know the price of the complete exercise bike, you can visit our exercise bike link.

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