“What do you do with your life? These famous lyrics give a powerful answer

We all tend to limit our lives and those of others to our professional or social level. These words fit perfectly with the famous “what do you do with your life? “.

“What do you do with your life? “.

Someone you know for five minutes will sometimes ask you,

Fortunately, we are not just a job.

In this thought-provoking article, there is an observation…

This is the idea that jung psychoanalysis shares in this little text, and we don’t know where it came from, but it has become very viral.

“What do you do with your life?

Who hasn’t heard of this?

When meeting new friends, at dinner, reuniting with childhood friends, or chatting with neighbors.

“What do you do with your life? ”

I always wanted to answer:

“Me?” Oh, in life, I move around, I have fun, I learn things,

I read, I appreciate nature, I communicate with people, I marvel, I enjoy,

I’m alive, what!” .

However, I know the real question is: “what are you doing?” “,

Just as our profession is our life, just as our profession is the first and only criterion that defines us.

So yes, I know, most people work most of the time, but I’m not in my job. Most importantly, I don’t like labels. I don’t like to be put in a box, depending on whether I am a secretary, an engineer, a cleaning lady, a company manager or a lawyer.

More importantly, behind the seemingly innocent “what are you doing with your life” question, there is often a need to compare yourself and understand the other person’s value to you.

“Tagging people and lumping them into categories is pretty boring.” ”
(Carl gustav jung)

You are not what you are physically, you are not what you do,

You are not what you have. You are not what others think of you…

Let’s stop putting people in boxes and put labels where you’re thin,

Fat, blond, disabled, cleaning lady, senior management, middle class family,

Foreign nationality, etc.

You are not just a body, hair color, nationality or occupation.

First of all, you are a spiritual person, experiencing the human experience, having ideas, having dreams,


You are you.

Do this completely, don’t lock yourself in a box, and don’t label people you meet. Otherwise, you will miss their gasoline, their quality.

What do you do in your life?

“I tried! “

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