We start to pick up the pace again and again throughout the week, confusing us with meals, sleep duration and metabolism. It’s a vicious cycle, we sleep less, it makes us hungry, we lower our energy, we choose to eat poorly.


Many people believe that spending more time awake will burn more calories, especially if they pass through expensive meals. No, quite the opposite. Sleep is the main metabolic regulator. If we sleep less than necessary (seven hours), our bodies are altered and hormones interfere with appetite: Ghrelin, which causes hunger; And leptin, satiety.


What happens when we can’t sleep the first one goes up, the second one goes down, so the brain picks up the hunger signal and the body asks for food. As a result, we eat more than we should. If we add that when we are badly rested, our mood is changing and we feel exhausted, the combination is explosive. In addition to satisfying hunger, we want to increase energy and improve mood, so we look for the wrong foods: high in fat and sugar.

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Light sleep + low energy + bad mood + fatigue + increased appetite + poor food choices = weight gain


Council, let’s order. Try to get as much sleep as necessary, respect four meals a day, especially avoid large meals at dinner, and basically exercise to allow for deep rest.


Don’t leave it to tomorrow,  starting today


See medeky next time.

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