Cable Speed ​​skipping is used for professional  workout exericses and skipping competitions. If you are first time to use speed jump rope, please read the following points.
1. The ropes are  10 FT(3M) jump rope.There are two screws on each skipping rope, as shown below.

It is used to adjust the lenght of wire. The method of use is to move the screw easily, move the screw to the appropriate distance and then tighten the screw. Remember that locking the screws is very important. Otherwise, in the process we use, the power of the skipping rope will cause the screw to fall off and be lost. The diameter of the screw is only 0.8cm, and once it is lost, it is difficult to retrieve it. And it’s hard to buy again.

If your skipping screw is lost, you don’t have to be too sad. It can be fixed with wire. Pay attention to the wire head to bend back, don’t hurt you.maintaince for skipping rope

2. The kipping rope is a thin jump rope.Its internal wire is only 2.5 mm steel, and external is pvc package. The steel wire is good tension and easy to bounce back when crimped. So don’t lose the packing rope of the picture below when using it.

3. This rope is a adult skipping rope.Please pay attention to keep a safe distance from the surrounding people when using the speed skipping. Rope is thinner, running faster, it is easy to hurt people around and it hurts.So it is not avabile for kids.

There are many colorful speed rope can be choosen,yellow, red, blue, pink, black,MOQ is one carton, in total 200PCS.Reference unit price is 0.76USD. if you want to buy speed rope, can visit our product-accessories page.Because US dollar to RMB exchange rate, your order quantity, shipping charge, Price may be cheaper or  higher when you buy.

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