Practice 3 levels with yoga brick
Why is a yoga block called a yoga block? What are the benefits of using a yoga accessory that looks like a coal ball? Practitioners often wonder about the use of tools specifically designed for yoga. Yogimag offers the lifting veil, which provides you with facilities to practice using this compact device.

Do 3 heights of exercise with brick , why?
Yoga in the brig with a voluntary 3-meter difference in height made. It comes in a standard size of 22 cm x 11 cm x 7 cm.

This yoga mat allows the practitioner to create “augmentation” of the floor at the height of his choice, such as stretching his legs on his yoga mat.

The yoga block is a real help that allows you to get your own pacing flexibility without damage and safety. Its support must be secure and dense, lest it sink in. Play at 3 levels and evolve peacefully in yoga practice, postures and postures.

MDK GYM block

Multi-functional accessory for practicing yoga: brick!
The brick yoga can also be set up on your small back to ease some of your back postures, such as fish or service-based meetings or late for yoga classes.

The wooden yoga block in the lotus sitting position, the tailor, the yoga block is an improvised “zafu” or “meditation pad” with a lower cost or simple way to travel and travel. It can replace your good yoga mat by the way.

The one-tile yoga is indispensable in addition to your carpet for making the perfect alignment, including MDK yoga.

The MDK store sells several brick ranges and models to suit your shape. Discover our selection of yoga cork bricks, EVA foam, wood of all prices, from cheapest to most expensive materials.



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