1 – unlocks to facilitate energy flow.


2 – make yourself comfortable in front of the computer.


3 – place hands as shown below.


  • throughout the exercise, place your left hand on your thigh, palms up, facing the photo. Only your right hand moves.


For more visibility, press F11 to switch to full screen (press F11 again to return to the initial state)

private personal training

The experience of self-actualization

1 – mother, am I a spirit?

2 – am I my own master, mother?

3 – mum, please give me pure knowledge.

4 – mother, I am my own master.

5 – mother, I am the spirit.

6 – I’m not guilty of any crime, mom.

7 – mom, I forgive myself and everyone.

8 – mom, please forgive me for my mistakes in finding the truth.

9 – mom, tell me what you know about yourself.

The results of

  • what do you think?

Nothing? I don’t know. I feel good. How many feelings do I feel that I can’t describe?


Can I try again? Yes, you can repeat the experience or meet with us at one of our centers to share and understand your feelings.


Q: why is this spiritual experience of meditation yoga so simple?


A: meditation (= spontaneous) yoga (= aerial yoga club and personal ground yoga) gives us consciousness that transcends relative understanding and, in reality, can perceive our central nervous system in tangible ways (vibrating hands, conscious states without any thoughts).


The result of this experience is also known as the self or the realization of a second birth or baptism or Satori… Is your spiritual evolution without any effort, like a natural transformation of its own seeds, in a beautiful tree.


Mental evolution, as the generative force of this life process, has brought us into balance physically, mentally and emotionally. As Shri Mataji tells us: “you cannot know the true purpose of your life until you are connected to the power that creates you! ”


Deepen the:

No secrets, through practice, we go from novice to experienced!

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