Many diabetics are treated with insulin. Insulin is an important hormone in our body that regulates glucose metabolism. In diabetics, this metabolism is disrupted and insulin production is disrupted, and depending on the situation, insulin therapy will be needed to stabilize blood sugar.


Why do we need several types of insulin to treat diabetes?


Insulin is the only hormone that lowers blood sugar and transports it to cells. Beta cells in the pancreas usually secrete insulin, depending on the level of blood sugar. Since blood sugar levels vary with our diets and physical activity, people with diabetes in turn (that is, no longer produce enough or insufficient insulin) must approach this natural rule.

Our bodies produce a certain amount of insulin, even outside of the meal, which is called basic production. It accounts for about 50% of the total daily secretion. If diabetics don’t eat all day, they still need to

When eating, insulin production increased significantly. In the case of diabetes, rapid insulin injections are necessary to compensate for increased blood sugar in the diet.

Everyone with type 1 diabetes and some parts of type 2 diabetes must use two different types of insulin: basic insulin injections, even twice a day, regardless of meals, and rapid insulin injections according to their diet.


Fast insulin (for example Actrapid ®, Humulinopre ®, Humalog ®, Apidra ®, Novorapid ® and new Fiasp ®).


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