Do you want MDK accessories for yoga?

You’re motivated to be a true yogi, but you don’t know where to start.

We produce many type accessories, such as Yoga mat, yoga blocks, yoga circle, yoga sky swing,body ball
Lf, pilates ring, pilates reformer, stretching with bands,

And some you can’t even pronounce.

So there are all kinds of yoga so you can find the best one for you.

MEDEKY yoga: classic

An individual practice, with different levels,

It depends on whether you are new or experienced.

Hold the position long enough.

This is related to pranayama and concentration.

Iyengar yoga: alignment“power pilates machine”

According to Bks Iyengar, yoga teaching is based on the in-depth practice of asanas(yoga posture) to seek seriousness, consistency and accuracy. A precise and rigorous method. Always use accessories (belts, bricks, blankets, chairs, ropes, etc.)

MDK yoga: creative dynamics · global voices

Want to wake up your muscles and stay active?

If you practice regularly, you will change completely.

The advantage of sculpture is that there is no expanding body,

It gives a longer dance style than bodybuilders.


Vinyasa yoga is made up of a series of non-stationary, breathing exercises, regular movements in uninterrupted postures, breathing and movement are closely linked.

Yogis can evolve without complications.

Traditional L ‘ashtanga yoga:

Ashtanga is an ancient traditional form of yoga that invites physical intensity,

Transcending self, for the happiness of sports yogis,

Originally taught in Mysore, India, by the great Sri Pattabhi Jois.

Ashtanga features a series of poses,

They are always the same, made up of six series.

Traditionally, ashtanga yoga is performed in the “Mysore” manner.

Everyone has their own rhythm, depending on their level, their physical condition and their ability.

First, we learn posture in orientation and adaptation classes.

Bikram yoga: hot

Bikram yoga was founded in Calcutta, India in 1946.

Enigma, yoga, controversial forms, but heated to more than 40 °C in a room

Or a sequence of 26 poses, all clearly defined.

Heat helps stretch further and muscles relax faster.

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