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Best AB Workout Machine for You Chosen

Model No.MDK-410
Product nameMaxiClimber vertical climber
Max Load120kgs
Assemble sizeL95*73*194-215cm(highest)
Carton sizeL131.5*W15*H24.5cm
20 FT/40FT/40HQ loading580/1205/1415pcs
climber machine

   New–MDK-410        US$ 30.50-32.80/PCS

MDK-411     US$ 23.70-26.10/PCS

Model No.MDK-411
Product nametotal crunch
Assemble sizeL129*W55*H114cm
Carton sizeL104*W20*H25cm
ResistanceWith or without cylinder
20 FT/40FT/40HQ loading528/1056/1248 pcs
Model No.MDK-412
Product nameBest  rowing machine at home
Max Load120kgs
Assemble sizeL106*W75*H40cm
Carton sizeL120*W45*H22cm
Running degree360°
20 FT/40FT/40HQ loading235/485/567pcs

MDK-412        US$ 44.80-47.84/PCS

MDK-402         US$ 32.90-36.00/PCS

Model No.MDK-402
Product nameAir walker
Max Load110kgs
Assemble sizeL119*W72*H113cm
Carton sizeL144*W74*H13.5cm
Steel tube diameter5.0cm
Steel tube thickness1.2mm
20 FT/40FT/40HQ loading214/354/486pcs
Model No.MDK-0688
Product nameWalking Machine Price with leg magic function
Max Load100kgs
Assemble sizeL74*W49.2*H119.5cm
Carton sizeL111*W28*H20cm
Steel tube  diameter5.0cm
Steel tube thickness1.2mm
20 FT/40FT/40HQ loading430/900/1055pcs
Crosswalker Air-Walker Crosstrainer sillver

MDK-0688       US$ 38.50-41.00/PCS

MDK-0088         US$ 29.00-32.70/PCS

Model No.MDK-0088
Product nametotal body gym power crunch
Max Load100kgs
Assemble sizeL105*W35.2*H103.2cm
Carton sizeL123*W37.5*H38cm
Steel tube diameter3.5cm
Steel tube thickness1.0mm
20 FT/40HQ loading154/379 pcs
Model No.MDK-0088G
Product nameBigger ab Coaster with ab circle pro function
Max Load120kgs
Assemble sizeL105*W35.6*H106.1cm
Carton sizeL128*W37.5*H37.5cm
Steel tube thickness1.2mm
20 FT/40HQ loading150/365pcs
ab master brand ab coaster

MDK-0088G       US$ 54.22-57.88/PCS

MDK-411-2      US$55.20-58.00/PCS

Model No.MDK-411-2
Product nameBody crunch with AB bike
Assemble size129(L)*55(W)*114(H)
Carton sizeL107*W38.5*H21CM
Steel tube thickness1.2mm
Logoone PCS single color logo
20 FT/40HQ loading307/757 pcs

Total core:

six pack care ab rocket

MDK-501-1              US$ 13.70-16.00/PCS

abs total core exercise bench

MDK-501-2               US$ 13.70-16.00/PCS

Model No.MDK-501-1 or-2
Product namecheapest 5 in 1 AB core
Assemble sizeL52*W43*H33 cm
Carton sizeL57 x W14 x H47 cm
PackingColor carton or brown carton
20 FT/40HQ loading800pcs/1820pcs

Six pack care:

"six pack care"

MDK-502-1        US$ 20.30-22.70/PCS

”abs six pack care exercise bench”

MDK-502-2          US$ 21.50-24.00/PCS

"six pack care"

MDK-502-3          US$ 28.35-31.00/PCS

Model No.MDK-502-1MDK-502-2
Product namesix multi function six pack care7 in one multi function six pack care
Assemble sizeL105*W55*H98 cm(basic one)L145*W55*H98 cm(basic one)
Carton sizeL83 x W26 x H35cm(basic one)L84 x W26 x H35cm(basic one)
PackingColor carton or brown cartonColor carton or brown carton
20 FT/40HQ loading402/950pcs350/890pcs


mini fitness stepper

MDK-504-1          US$ 15.60-17.50/PCS

MDK-504-2          US$22.45-24.50/PCS

Model No.MDK-504-1 or -2
Product namestepper
Assemble sizeL34*W42*H24 cm
Carton sizeL36 x W22 x H48cm
Packing brown carton
20 FT/40HQ loading685/1775pcs

MDK-504-3         US$ 13.50-16.00/PCS

Model No.MDK-504-3
Product nameStepper
Assemble size30(L)*30(W)*24(H)
Carton sizeL35.5*W22*H42CM
Materialhigh quality steel,PP plastic
Max Load100kgs
20FT/40HQ loading872/1762 pcs
Model No.MDK-504-4
Product nameMultifunction stepper
Assemble size42(L)*92(W)*115(H)
Carton sizeL61*W50*H28CM
Packing5 layer brown carton with cut foam
Max Load120kgs
Roperubber band
Manualone PCS black or colorful manual
20FT/40GP/40HQ loading329/685/842pcs

MDK-504-4           US$ 36.00-39.00/PCS

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